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Electronic cleaner
    Publish time 2015-06-24 11:24    


This electronic cleaner is function of flexible rotation is added on for the most convenience of hard-to-access cleaning. Additional lengthen adaptor is also designed for specific situations. It is developed to clear all the dirt/adhere/contaminants etc., regular and stubborn stains. The refill inside cleaner presses the fiber end face under an appropriate pressure and takes in dusts with an electrical sweeping, the whole process only takes 3-5sec and provides the most efficient and economic clean solution.


ü  Powers the cleaner with only one regular battery for 9hrs continuous work and has refills reused for times all can be renewed without any further devices. It provides the customers the highest value to the lowest cost.

ü  The cleaner can be either shorten or lengthen with rotation of different angles to reach target places for cleaning, varies from 9cm to 16cm to do the part in a greater content.

ü  Two size of cleaning refill are provided to clean either 1.25mm or 2.5mm fiber end face whatever types of connectors are, 1.25mm: LC/MU etc., M/F 2.5mm: SC/FC/ST/E2000 et., M/F


It’s most applied in cleaning connectors varying from patch cord, ferrules to module, transceiver etc. ,from single core SC/LC/ST/E2000 etc., to multiple cores MTRJ/MPO etc., from PC to the angled APC end face, from bulkhead-mounted equipment to the top and bottom of patch panels. It even lowest cost to the one twentieth of its peer one-click cleaner, saving customers the best, especially for the fiber kits manufacturers.


The refill is uniquely designed for cleaning and it’s wear-resistant and high-temperature-resistant with no break and drop in use. Its elasticity and thickness help avoid the scratch when working and its porous property guarantees the absorbed capability of dusts and reuse feature without secondary pollution. It can be reused up to 100 times per 2.5mm and 50 times per 1.25mm refill and varied based on the contamination situation, offering the highest efficiency and productivity in the industry.

Standard confiscation of refill:     2.5mm 20 pcs

              1.25mm 15pcs