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High Standard Handheld Inspection Microscope
    Publish time 2015-03-30 00:00    
The Handheld Inspection Microscope is the upgraded version, which provides network personnel with high performance fiber inspection solutions. The whole set includes a digital probe, the monitor with the capability to inspect/record/file the data of fiber end face from assorted connectors.
Specifically, the probe can not only detect ferrule end of patch cord, but also the fiber end face mounted into the bulkhead adapters with PC/APC end. Connectors even installed at the bottom of patch panels or inside hardware devices can be also easily accessed and inspected without any removal or disassembling of equipment with specific or customized tips.


l  End face inspection in patch cord / bulkhead-mounted equipment / module transceiver etc.

l  End face inspection of assorted connectors PC/APC, MPO/MTRJ etc.

l  End face inspection of connectors at different angles for the bottom of patch panels or hard-to-access places.


l  One-way focus control for instant detection, have image in seconds.

l  35 assorted tips available to test or customize.

l  95% tips interchangeability in-between probes.

l  95% Image centralization on screen.

l  Precise resolution (<1 μm), no shadow or dark edge around screen.

l  High definition image and video, no noise or flash.

l  Strong performance under stress operation.

l  TF card for storage the image and video and upload to the PC



400× / 0.75μm (Based on benchmark 8 Inch monitor)

Field of View


Tips Connection

Cone contact

Focus way / Range

One-way / <3mm

Output  Type

PAL or NTSC or USB (optional)

Light Source/ Life time

Coaxial blue LED / 100,000 hrs above


180*41*36mm/ 0.164kg

Image Sensor

1/3 Inch       SONY B/W CCD




Maximum to 90% relative humidity, no condenses

Remark: Standard configuration of tips include: 2.5PC-M/FC-SC-F/LC-F
                   More than 20 kinds of inspection tips is for optional