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Pipeline & Cable Locator STC-PCL 1101
    Publish time 2014-08-22 05:52    
Pipeline & Cable Locator STC-PCL 1101
STC-PCL1101 Pipeline & Cable Locator consists of a Transmitter and a Receiver, used in the underground utilities route locating, the depth measuring and long distance tracing. We adopted multicoil electromagnetism technology on this Pipeline & Cable Locator, enhanced the pipeline localization to decide the depth precision and the goal pipeline recognition capability, also could accurately carry on tracing and the localization in the pipeline crowded complex region to the goal pipeline. Thus it is widely used in the telecommunication, electric, tap water, natural gas, physical prospecting, town planning and so on.. 
STC-PCL1101 has many optional accessories, thus increased their use, and expanded their application scope.
Detect the underground cable and pipeline route
Measure the underground cable and pipeline depth
Determine the underground cable and pipeline insulation degree
Determine the route and depth of the cable and pipeline without touching the transmission signal 
Use the newest integrated circuit and signal processing technology to achieve outstanding test performance
The survey signal transmission includes:
Direct Inject method: In has Injected the spot on the pipeline to survey the route and the burying depth, this method measuring accuracy is high, ant jamming ability.
Induction coupling method: In the railroad, the coal gas, the physical prospecting, the line cable and so on does not have pours into the spot on the pipeline to survey the route and the burying depth.
Inductive clamp method: As one of the important accessories, inductive clamp is used for inflicting the transmitter signals directly onto the objective pipelines.
many kinds of survey frequency: Has 480Hz, the 31KHz two kind of frequencies; The user may carry on the choice according to the environment (to need differently to survey frequency please to indicate specially in ordering contract).
enhancement test efficiency different localization pattern and function: 
peak value pattern: Determines the position through the maximum route signal.
valley value pattern: Determines the position through the minimum route signal 
route direction detection: Direct-viewing, instructs the route rapidly the direction.
current test (CM): find the goal pipeline by using test the current.
stethoscope: fine the pipeline through stethoscope from the multitudinous pipelines .
auxiliary function: 
automatic control receive gain: The automatic control receiver gain causes the receiver to be at the optimized condition. 
sound function: The receiver reflects the survey intuitively through the tonality change the signal size.
Pipeline state detection: when the transmitter in inject mode, first test the resistance of pipeline, the voltage, then send the signal to a pipeline.When the resistance too small (almost in short-circuits) the transmitter will withdraw from inject mode, when the voltage is so large the transmitter will warning, the operator must to stop the transmitter.
battery test: Real-time detection of battery, when the voltage lower than the protect value ,the transmitter will automatic shut-down.

Signal frequency

Inject method

480Hz, 31 KHz

Induct mode

31 KHz

Inductive clamp method

31 KHz  

Output Pressure 

0-400VP-P automatic/manual adjust due to the insulated instance

Output wave shape

sine wave

Power source 

11.1VDC 4.4AH Li-ion

Peak output power



Power loss


Power source

11.1VDC 1.8AH Li-ion

Biggest test burying depth

4.5 meters (normal instance)

The test burying depth error 

≤ 0.05H±5cm (“H” is pipeline depth)

The test route error

≤ 5cm (normal condition)

Test the route and the efficient depth with Inject method

5Km                                                                 (normal instance)

Test the route and the efficient depth with Induct method

3Km(normal instance)

Environmental request

Operating temperature

-20 ~ +50

Storage temperature 

  -40 ~ +70

Relative humidity


Atmospheric pressure


Environment  noise 


Note: The objective pipeline has no insulated failure or other interruption in the above-mentioned range in the normal instances.